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    MarketEdge Forms Blocked on Chrome


    Certain extensions on Chrome can hinder the Realnex MarketEdge experience. The extensions in question are attributed to being able to control form data.

    The condition you would be seeing when the extensions in question are affecting the navigation in Realnex would be the form that you are attempting to pull up will either quickly disappear from the foreground or simply never show up at all.

    With that being said a few simple steps have been found to alleviate this from happening by simply identifying the culprit extension then choosing how the extension conditionally will interact with the current pages being browsed. 

    By choosing the option (When you click this extension) you are limiting the extension in how it interacts with the forms on Realnex which will put a stop to the loss of foreground focus on the form.

    To do this simply right click the extension choose the option displayed below (This can read and change site data >) and choose the option (When you click the extension)

     - Sidenote: By doing this you are limiting the extensions behavior to become interactive on click for not just MarketEdge but the entire browser.


     Here is a quick list of known form applet extensions that could cause this issue.

    mceclip2.pngEvernote Webclipper

     mceclip3.png   Dragon Dictation

    This list will continue to grow as more extensions become more actively blocking or hindering Realnex form data.

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