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    Set up Gmail Sync With A Free Outlook Account (For Existing Users)



    Our Gmail users were notified by Google that Gmail would no longer be able to sync with RealNex back on February 18, 2020. As it stands today existing users who had already established a successful Gmail sync can continue to use Gmail with RealNex. We recommend if possible to switch your default email to Outlook as it is our recommended option. Use Gmail at your own risk as RealNex does not have any control over when the sync could stop functioning. Below is a proactive solution for the situation in which Gmail sync becomes inactive. 

    The direction of sync is from RealNex -> Outlook -> To GMail (This article is intended for users who have an active online sync and all your contacts data is already located in RealNex) 


    Summary: RealNex (Contacts & Calendar Events) will feed a free email which will sync with your Gmail account.

    The following step is for existing Gmail users, skip to the next step if you have not set up Gmail with RealNex. It is very important to run a manual sync in RealNex (Shown Below) with your connected Gmail account. The goal is to have all your current Gmail Contacts and Calendar Events synced into RealNex. If the number of contacts in Gmail matches the number of contacts in RealNex you are ready for the next steps. 

    To prevent duplication, after you have manually synced your Contacts and Events into RealNex, disconnect your Gmail Sync.


    The next step is creating your free account. Click here to create a free email account then move on to the next step. 


    Once you have your Outlook account created, you are ready to set up mail forwarding within Gmail to send incoming mail to Outlook. This will track the received email in RealNex. Follow the video clip below to access that setting. 


    Next to set up tracking your Gmail sent email in RealNex you will be downloading this Chrome Extension.

    This will require the use of a Chrome browser when sending emails through your Gmail. 


    It is important to follow the steps in the exact order to prevent duplicating your Contacts and Events. 

    1. At the beginning of this article, we mention to manually Sync Gmail one last time with RealNex to ensure all contacts and events are in RealNex and then disconnect Gmail Sync from RealNex. If you have not done this revisit the top of this article for instructions before moving on.
    2. Now you should have the same contacts and events in Gmail as RealNex and unlinked your Gmail from RealNex. In your Gmail account export all contacts to a CSV file to save for backup. Once you have a backup it is time to delete all your contacts in Gmail. Gmail_Select_All.gif
    3. At this step, you will have no contacts in Gmail and Outlook and all your contacts in RealNex. Within RealNex, you will now set up Outlook Sync. Make sure that you are setting up "Export Only". Configure your "RealNex group" to the group that contains all your contacts.  You can add all your contacts to a group by selecting all contacts in RealNex and "Add to Group". Once configured click Sync and now you will have all your contacts in the new email. 




    Clear your Gmail Primary Calendar Events to prepare for Outlook to Gmail Sync

    The below instruction will cause the events to lose certain information such as "location". This is unavoidable because we believe the links between Events and Contacts in the CRM is generally going to be the most important to retain. If you decide not to delete Events inside of Gmail you will risk duplicating Events when you sync.

    1. Log in to your Google Calendar
    2. In the upper-right corner, click the "Settings' icon (gear-shaped gadget) > Select "Settings". 
    3. From the side-panel, click the drop-down arrow beside the primary calendar you wish to clear from the "Settings for my calendars" section. 
    4. From the resulting side-bar list, select "Remove calendar." 
    5. From the "Remove calendar" section at the bottom of the screen, click "Delete."

    After you have removed the calendar events from Gmail, set up the sync in RealNex and click Sync. 



    Windows/macOS compatible

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    It is our understanding that in the near term the Microsoft solution will incorporate contacts and events as well. We apologize for any unavoidable inconvenience this may cause. 


    Helpful Tip: If you have created duplicates in your CRM you have the ability to query your CRM database and delete records that were created the day duplication occurred. 




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