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    Creating Account and Setting Up Users


    Click Here to open in another tab and then follow the guidance below. 

    In the RealNex window, select "Create Account" in the top right.  Fill out the form using the email you used to purchase your subscription. Create a password and fill out the remaining fields. Then click Sign Up at the bottom.

    You will receive a confirmation email to confirm your credentials. Click the link to verify your account and proceed to log in. If you do not see the email please check your spam/junk folders. If you are still unable to locate the confirmation email, then email with the subject "Confirmation Email not received" and your ticket will be escalated. 

    For multi-seat subscriptions, please access the "Guide Me" in the top right corner of the RealNex screen after logging in. Select the guide called "Subscription Management" and it will automatically navigate you to the Subscriptions page. Follow the step by step instructions to set up your configuration and assignment of user licenses.




    Adding Users to your RealNex CORE CRM Database

    If you will also be utilizing the RealNex CORE CRM then click Guide Me located at the top right corner of your RealNex screen and select the "Onboard" tab at the top, then select "Add Users to CORE CRM Database". 




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