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    September 2019 - Episode 8


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    That’s #CRE #CREAGH September 2019

    The RealNex product development team continues to make amazing progress enhancing the platform. In the September 2019 episode of That’s #CRE #CREAGH, Lead Developer Tim Creagh highlighted a number of new features in production as well as a few in final stages, pending release in early October.

    Check out the video recording as Tim Creagh goes over some of the new features recently added. His rapid-fire overview takes just 9 ½ minutes and is packed with content. The video covers the following new features.


    • Redirect to the preferred page


    • Jump to a Page
    • Duplicate Checker
    • Added button to create a new record from the detail screen
    • Navigation Panel in detail screen
    • Added menus to the database buttons so you can quickly add or move to another table. You can also open the other table in a new tab using the icon on the menu
    • Sent Property, Spaces, Photos to MarketEdge
    • Show alternate phone and email on the contact page
    • Added Hints to Group names Order dropdowns


    • Search to Email Campaign Groups
    • Option to highlight listings that are outdated in Listing Manager
    • Added ability to send your listings to MarketEdge

    Investment Tools in MarketEdge

    • Updated Comp Manager Investment Tools
    • Updated UI
    • Added three columns to the grid
      • property type, units, recent transaction
    • Added search by keyword
    • Added records per page
    • Added auto address including latitude and longitude for mapping
    • Improved sorting by column

    Updated Sale Comp Report and Rent Comp Report

    • Complete re-design of report output page based on the client's suggestions.
    • Redesigned the edit dialog
    • Added property type filter
    • Added search
    • Made it much easier to add/remove comps using Add/Edit Comps button on top right
    • Added ability to sort the comps manually
    • Added a button to directly add/edit comps from edit dialog
    • Added record number to each comp
    • Combined other choices on the options tab

    Summary Report and Description Reports

    • 75% photo
    • 12-point font size

    New Viewer for Preview

    • Added Links in TOC
    • First/Last page

    New E-Publish viewer with options for

    • Search PDF
    • Thumbnails
    • Book Marks
    • Social Media
    • Save as a PDF

    Lease Analysis

    • Tenant and Owner Summary Reports
      • Reformatted report
      • Added Photo

    That’s enough to digest for this month. Hope you enjoy all the new enhancements. Want more? Let us know by submitting your feature requests!

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