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    August 2019 - Episode 7


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    That’s #CRE #CREAGH August 2019

    The RealNex product development team continues to make amazing progress enhancing the platform. In the August 2019 episode of That’s #CRE #CREAGH, Lead Developer Tim Creagh highlighted a number of new features in production as well as a few in final stages, pending release in early September.

    First, based on changes in Real Estate Licensing laws in many states, we have added the agents license number to display in search results and corresponding reports. Be sure to update your Profile in My Settings so that we may properly present your credentials and keep you compliant.

    While reviewing the property display, Tim reminded everyone that we have now add 3D QuickTours to the photo gallery. The RealNex 3D Quick Tour brings flat files to life. From simple floor plans we can create interactive immersive environments and easily deliver online tours for what it typically costs to create a 2D rendering...and with the QuickTour you get 2D renderings and video in addition to the 3D model!

    How about a detailed investment analysis for your MarketPlace Listings? Now once you enter your listing in MarketPlace, click the Analyze button and all your date flows into MarketEdge for a complete discounted cash flow analysis. You can even create your flyers, brochures and Offering memorandum.

    You asked for it…Rent Roll Imports into MarketEdge. Import rent rolls from a spreadsheet, MarketPlace or CORE CRM. From CRM, you can publish all corresponding data to MarketEdge. All your property photos, profile data and rent roll with the click of a button. And, when you want to quickly manipulate rent rolls, easily export to excel, make your updates and bring them right back in.

    Tim also reviewed Business Maps and demonstrated how you can search for businesses, by type or name, proximate to your subject listing. These businesses can then be plotted and displayed with names and logos and easily edited and highlighted by changing size, color, boldness. You can even consolidate logos into one call-out for tenants in the same property. If that wasn’t enough, you can create your own polygon or text box to visually display other imported location or area information.

    The new Split Screen Display was also reviewed. With split Screen Display, you can use the left panel to run filters and view in list, map or tile mode to navigate while the right panel is the full detail record in edit mode. With collapsible screens and display locked down, you can swiftly jump from record to record to most efficiently access exactly what you need.

    If that wasn’t enough, our new Quick Links allow you stay on your current record while opening a new one! For example, you might be talking to a contact and want to add a new property or space. You don’t want to have to leave the contact to do it, so click on the new quick link on the data table menu and search for or add the record desired. Very fast. Very powerful.

    You may have a ton of saved Filters, but some you use all the time. Now you can make them Favorites and jump to them with the click of a button without having to open and navigate the Filter Manager. This works the same for Columns. So, pick your filter and pick your columns and bam! You have your pending lease expirations with exactly the data you want to see!

    Ever want to change a hundred records at once. Maybe you have new junior agent and you want to assign a list of prospects to her or maybe you want to change a list of prospects from team “everyone” to “private”. Now you can run a query, select the records, fields and new value and Click! Done. Global Replace works in an instant. But be careful as it can’t be undone. Be sure to verify before finalizing and you may want to limit who has access to this function as not everyone is as careful as you!

    Tim saved maybe the best for last. Duplicate Check. Duplicate check is tricky because you don’t want to delete dups, you want to consolidate and keep all the most up to date data. So ,with the RealNex Duplicate Check, you can pick the fields you want to use to determine a dup, and we show you all the matches in a spreadsheet. You can then run filters and sorts to easily determine which record is Primary and consolidate all the dups into the Primary record. Best Practice is to proactively use the Verified field whenever possible so you know which record is most up to date and accurate.

    That’s enough to digest for this month. Hope you enjoy all the new enhancements. Want more? Let us know by submitting your feature requests!

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