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    January 2019 Release Notes


    RealNex was extremely busy in 2018 improving all aspects of the platform. We enhanced each solution individually, increased integrations, streamlined the UI/UX and improved system speed and performance. As we enter 2019 the RealNex Platform of CORE CRM, MarketEdge and MarketPlace is fulfilling our original vision of delivering the most comprehensive end-to-end solution at the most compelling value in the industry. While there were many, many more advancements, here is our top 10 list of 2018 system advances for each module:


    -Consolidated Buzz Target and Property Line into the all new MarketPlace
    -Smart Addresses to limit the need to type in full addresses and improve data integrity
    -Advanced Analytics, Saved Searches with Notifications and Client Watch Lists
    -Integrated and streamlined eMarketing to private lists with direct integration to CRM
    -Automated Logo resizing on reports and display
    -Print function in My Listings
    -Social Media Marketing - now you can instantly tweet or post your listings
    -Enabled Powerful Administration tools for listing management –
    -Allow support staff to manage team listings
    -Quick Mark as Current Option
    -Key Word Search
    -10 x speed improvement
    -“Save as” to clone listings
    -Space level photos and attachments


    -Timelines to create and apply templates of repeatable series of events
    -Dashboards to summarize active -
    -Customizable Columns Settings to Save and Apply List Views with just the data desired
    -Added 60+ standard Reports
    -Unlimited database filtering with “and” and “or” statements to create highly targeted queries
    -“Look up Link” to enable linking of any data base tables to realize full relational power
    -Centralized Settings for system tables and Field Definitions
    -Automated Map views of all database
    -Spaces integrated with MarketEdge Financial Analysis and Reports
    -Improved UI with full screen responsive design


    -Updated Interface to Home Page
    -Cleaned up and updated all reports
    -Autocomplete to addresses
    -Automated maps and aerials, with a new summary map to Lease Reports
    -Lease analysis directly fed from CRM
    -Integration to List Property in MarketPlace
    -CRM Groups and Contacts integration into Deal Rooms
    -Streamlined Deal Room Creation
    -Created new Deal Room DashBoard with Key Metrics
    -Advanced custom branding to interior pages and section dividers

    And, there is a whole lot more to come. We are working on an exciting roadmap for 2019 based on great feedback from our users. Please keep your ideas coming using the Feature Request option within the RealNex Platform. We continuously monitor these suggestions to prioritize our development efforts.

    We will keep you apprised of new releases as they are made so you can swiftly take advantage of the powerful new tools to win more business and execute more efficiently.

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