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    Updating Contact Notes and Categories from Google Contacts


    This article walks through the process of Exporting your contacts from Google and importing them over the top of your CRM contacts in order to add Notes, Categories or other fields. 

    Please note that this process assumes you have already synchronized your contacts in your CRM with your Google contacts. For information on that, please see this article on setting up the CRM/Google Sync.


    First, you will need to export the contacts from Google. To do this, first visit

    If you are currently in the new layout, you'll need to first switch to the Old Contacts view. To do this, click on Switch to old version on the left-hand panel:


    Next, click the More drop-down button and select Export:



    Select the folder for My Contacts (or, if you synchronize with another folder, select that one) and pick the option for Outlook CSV:


    And then click the export button and save the file.

    Once the file has been saved, we need to open the file in order to change the format from .csv to .xlsx. To do so in Excel, open the file and then choose File > Save As and change the type to XLSX:


    Once saved, open the RealNex CRM.

    Click Settings > Import > Contacts:


    Select the xlsx file you saved previously and click Next.

    The fields that you will need to map in order to ensure the system finds the correct records are as follows:

    First Name

    Last Name

    Email Address




    Zip Code


    Match each of those fields with the appropriate field using the Drop-Downs and check the Dup Key check box for each of these. This is how the system will know which contact records to match the other fields with.



    Next, select the fields that you wish to import - for Notes, select the Notes field and pick the appropriate field from the export. Do not check Dup Key for any fields that you are going to be adding to the system.


    Once the appropriate Dup Key fields and the Notes, Categories and/or any other fields that you need to update have been mapped, click Next and complete the steps to import.

    Once the import has completed, you will receive an email letting you know that the import completed, and have a list of how many records were added and updated.



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