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    August 2018 Release Notes


    Updated Agent Search Panel



    The agent search in listings has a new look. First, we updated the search panel so all the option are exposed making it much easier to see and manage which agents are returned. We also added a checkbox to eliminate agents who don’t have any listings from the search to return active agents in the markets.


    Updated Agent List Format



    Agents are presented in a more uniform format. It very clear how many listing an agent has as well as their specialties.


    Updated Agent Bio Page

    We updated the agent detail page to look much cleaner and present a more professional look for our clients.


    Updated Watch List

    Moved Add New to the top of the list where it is always accessible no matter where you are in the list.

    Added a Search section to make it easier to find a specific watch list. Typing characters in this text box will filter your watch list for ones that contain the characters you type.


    Updated My Settings

    We removed the submenu which made you go back to the menu to update your settings and instead added those as tabs. This makes it much easier to navigate the sections in “My Settings”. Clicking the My Settings menu takes you directly to this page now. 





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