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    September 2018 Release Notes


    MarketPlace updates

    We have simplified the MarketPlace email Watch List screen and made it a popup instead of an entire webpage.

    • The new dialog can be used anywhere in the program. For example, if you are on the listing search screen and you click the Watch List Search button. You can open a watch list, select some or all of the listings and from the menu email it. You don’t have to go to the Manage Watch List page and you don’t lose your place on the listing search screen.
    • We will also be able to use this dialog when someone wants to email a listing to a prospect.
    • This dialog is connected to the CRM and Contacts in MP. If someone has added contacts to the CRM or MP as they type a name or email it will automatically populate from the CRM for them. They can also add an email that is not in their contact table.
    • Fixed logo dimensions in report footers
      Our clients logo in the MarketPlace report footer could sometime be distorted. We have fixed that issue. We are working on the Company Logo upload page to help our clients upload the logo in the correct format and correct dimensions.


    • MarketPlace new features
    • Print in "My Listings"
      We’ve always had the ability to print a report from the “Listing Search” screen in MarketPlace. We never had that ability in “My Listings” and it was something a lot of people asked for.

    We have added the print option to “My Listings” in this release. You’ll find the printer icon at the top of the “My Listings” page in the same place it is on “Listing Search”. It uses the same reports as “Listing Search” and it works the same way.


    Support for Social Media
    Our clients can quickly send a property to Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn using the new Share button. Our clients can access the new button from three different screens

    • The Listing Search screen
    • Listing Detail screen
    • My Listings

    Support for large email campaigns

    We broke the 15,000 barrier in this release. We can now support private email campaigns of any size.

    MarketEdge updates/fixes

    Updated Lease Analysis reports
    We re-wrote every report in Lease Analysis. Converted the pages to Portrait where possible. For leases with more than 72 months the results won’t fit on a portrait page so those must be landscape, but the majority of leases are 2-5 years so for the most part the entire report will be portrait.


    • Updated Investment Analysis reports
      Some of the Investment Analysis Report pages were missing the table header colors from the client’s design.


    • MarketEdge new features


    Address Auto Complete
    We added this feature to both Lease Analysis and Investment Analysis. As you type in an address the software will automatically complete the address for you including, City, State, Zip Code, Country, County, Latitude and Longitude.



    Auto add individual maps for each space in Lease Analysis

    This feature will auto create a map for each space and tie it to the space. Our clients have the option to use the auto generated map or upload their own map. There are two ways to auto add the map. From the General Data tab in Lease Analysis type in an address and let Google finish it for you by selecting the address from the dropdown. From the Output Tab click Map and click the Edit button. There is a refresh button to re-create the map from your address.



    • Auto add individual aerials for each space in Lease Analysis.

      This feature will auto create an aerial for each space and tie it to the space.

      Our clients have the option to use the auto generated photo or upload their own.

      There are two ways to auto add the image. From the General Data tab in Lease Analysis type in an address and let Google finish it for you by selecting the address from the dropdown.

      From the Output Tab select Aerials and click the Edit button. There is a refresh button to re-create the image from your address.

    Added an Auto Generated Summary Map to Lease Analysis

    If you have added addresses to your spaces the system will automatically generate a map with markers and a legend showing each property in your analysis. The properties are numbered by the way they where entered into the tabs. So the property you enter into the first tab is #1. If you want to create a tour you can do that by entering the properties in the correct tab and then telling your clients to follow the map from 1, 2, 3 etc.

    CRM updates

    You can compare up to 5 spaces in our Lease Analysis software and print out an in-depth analysis of each space to give to your client.

    You can go directly to the Lease Analysis Software and add each space manually.

    If you have the spaces in our CRM you can select up to five and send directly to the Lease Analysis Software.

    Once you have selected the spaces click the Export menu and Lease Analysis menu.

    The CRM presents some options that make generating the comparison much easier. Filling in these values will automatically update each lease for you. Normally you would have to enter this information for each lease. Of course, you can update each lease individually from the Lease Analysis software.


     In some cases, you may have information in the CRM for certain fields that you want to use. Click the down arrow next to Lease Defaults to use that information and to set a default Increase and free rent for each space. Results are attached as a PDF.


    CRM new features

    • Lookup Linked

    The tables in the CRM are relational. This is a big advantage especially in commercial real estate where we must deal with so many different entities. For example, properties have owners and it’s common for one company or individual to own multiple properties.

    It’s not common for other CRM systems to track properties, but if they do the normal setup is to add a property and put in the owner. In that scenario you end up with the owner duplicated in many different properties. That has a number of disadvantages. One of them is if you want to do a mailing to property owners. You query your property table for a certain type of property and then you mail to the owners of those properties about an opportunity you have. The problem is people who own more than one property will get 2 – 3 – 10….. emails if you do that.

    By linking the owners to the properties they own you still only have one copy of that particular company or contact. The question is if the owners of the properties are in a different table how do you find them? This is where lookup linked changes the playing field.

    Using this function, you can query one table and lookup the linked records in another.

    This first release tomorrow has the feature in Dashboard and Contacts. Our goal is to have an with the feature in properties, spaces and companies in our next release.

    Here is an example using the feature in this first release from Dashboard.

    The scenario:

    You are working for an owner of a property leasing a retail center. You create a project for each space you are leasing, and attach the contacts you talk to as leads. The owners of the property calls and wants a list of the leads you are working with or there is a change in the rate for the space and you want to notify all the leads.

    Open Dashboard

    1. Click the links tab
    2. Filter for the project
    3. Lookup Linked Leads


    That will open up a new tab in your browser and return the contacts that are leads in your project. Now you very simply have all the power of the CRM with no duplicate contacts.


    User defined columns

    The screen shot below shows a company detail record. I’m currently looking at the properties this company owns. The problem is I need to see the city, SqFt, Acres and Transfer Price. With our new feature you can click the columns button and select which columns you want to see in the window.


    For this first release the “User Defined Lists” are available from all the details screens. In the next release in October this will also be available from the main screens such as properties, contacts, spaces etc.

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