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    July 2018 Release Notes



    • Listing Search
      • New format for search panel
        • Search fields highlight in green so you can easily see what filters you have set
        • You can paste multiple ListingID into the ListingID field now and it automatically formats them.
        • Location fields respect settings above them. For example, change country to Canada and you will see only the Provinces. Change it to United States you will only see the US states
        • In state search field you can type the abbreviation or the full state name
        • County, City, Zip Code will respect the State field so you will only see values that are in that state now.
        • Added Save As to the search save. Now you can restore a query, make changes and clone it if you want to.
      • Better responsiveness on different devices
      • Automatically resize photos to frame.
      • Clicking a pin on the map brings up a view which now as ListingID and a link to show the property in Google Maps
      • Consolidate list view and made rows clickable to open details
      • Added more reports formats
      • Redesigned Agents “My Listings” page
      • “My Listings” opens with a new panel on the left to make filtering much easier
        • It remembers your settings so if you come back you don’t have to reset them each time but you can change them at any time.
        • If you are a marketing manager or an admin you can select “My Company Listings” and select the set of agents you want to see listings for.
        • Tile and List view have been updated to look more professional and fit better on multiple devices.
        • When editing a listing at the top we have navigation “jump to” links. You can click one of those to jump to a section you want to edit instead of scrolling up and down.
      • We have updated the form to get support and to make feature requests.
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