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    June 2018 Release Notes



    • My Listings
      • Changed Tiles to show the lease rate as entered in the listing (sf/m or sf/yr)

    Listings Search


    • Provided a "Save As" ability to saved searches. When saving a search we added a button to Save as New. This makes it easy to create a new search from an existing one.
    • Add three new reports:
      • Detailed Report with No Demographics,
      • Detailed Report with No Maps,
      • Detailed Report with No Demos and No Maps.
    • Updated Report headers to include ListingID
    • Updated Report footers to include agent photo, phone & email.
    • Added CAM to all reports displaying “For Lease”.
    • Decreased size of reports by 50%-60%
    • Save Search name field let you type a name that was too long. We added a check to limit what you can type to 100 characters which is all the field can store.
    • The Date Listed field was not being cleared when a saved search was restored.
    • Added ability to use CTRL+V to paste information into Listing ID field
    • Added listing type to For Lease cards and to For Lease list


    • Timelines
      • Changed Timeline opening view to graphic view
      • Added Edit and Delete functionalities to Timeline view screen
      • Changed second tab to Drag Drop. From this tab you can drag timeline events to different positions to re-order them in the timeline.
      • Added mouse scroll wheel to expand / contract the zoom of the timeline
      • Added tooltip to new Drag Drop tab to explain it a little better.
      • Added API to release a license when I database is deleted. This makes it easy for support team to move a license from a database someone doesn’t want to a database they do want.

    •  Dashboard
      • Added Advanced filters





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