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    Errors/Unable to License a CRM Database


    This article walks through fixing the following potential issues when attempting to login to RealNex to license your CRM Desktop software or CRM LiveSync Tool.

    Issues this Article Fixes

    Issue #1: When creating a database, upon clicking Next on the initial screen and logging in with RealNex credentials, an error occurs:



    Issue #2: When attempting to license an unlicensed database, after logging in with RealNex credentials, login screen disappears and CRM is automatically logged out:


    Logging in once again prompts you to once again license the database:


    And thus looping indefinitely.

    Issue #3: This issue occurs upon attempting to login on the Livesync tool. After logging in, login form disappears, leaving you with this window:




    Fix for These Issues

    First, close out of any RealNex CRM windows on your desktop and close the RealNex LiveSync Tool from the toolbar in Windows if running.



    Next, download This File to your desktop and extract the files that are contained into the RealNex Program Files directory, located in C:\Program Files (x86)\RealNex

    You may be asked to provide Administrator Access to perform this.


    Check Do this for all current items and click the Continue button.

    You should then be prompted to overwrite the files:


    Select the Replace the files in the destination option.

    After these files copy, your issues with licensing your RealNex CRM should be resolved.







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