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    RealNex Cloud CRM Mobile App Updates - February 2024


    Since the turn of the year, we have added a host of new capabilities to the RealNex Cloud CRM Mobile App (Apple App Store / Google Play Store).


    In our continued efforts to become the handset of the CRE Industry, we have upgraded our mobile app to provide you with more power, speed and access while you are out in the field. Included in the enhancements are:


    • Close out Events and add a History
      • From within Calendar, click the Event and click “Quick Finish w/ History”

    • You will be able to find the Finished History record under the History tab in the Dashboard

    • If you click to a linked object in an Event, click the “back” button to return to where you previously were
      • From within the Calendar, click the Event and click “Go to Linked Property”

    • Once viewing the Property record, click the “Back” button to return back to your previous screen

    • Auto-dial Project Leads
      • From the Projects table, click into your Project and click “Leads”

    • Once viewing your Leads, click the Contact Lead, then “Call Mobile:...”

    • Share content from any record by using the share options available to your mobile device
      • Open a record and click the “Files” button

    • Click the attachment that you would like to share, then “Share Attachment” and use your device’s sharing options to send the attachment to whom you would like

    • Jump from table to table
      • As expressed earlier, clicking linked records opens it immediately, even if they’re not in the same table.
      • Give it a try - open a Company record with linked Contacts. Notice that clicking the Contact opens the record, and clicking “Back” returns you to the Company record that you were just viewing
    • Global Search is now available on every page
      • Use Global Search to instantly jump to the table and record you are looking for while preserving the ability to return back to your previous record by using the “back” button

    • Tap Layouts to see scaled-down record views that were created for viewing on your mobile device
      • Open any record and click the ‘Layouts’ icon

    • Any Layouts you have created from your browser will show - select the one you would like to use to apply it

    • Apply Filters and Views to get the information you need to be productive
      • Open any table and click the “Filter” button at the bottom of your screen

    • Use either the Simple Filter to quickly apply a filter or use the Advanced Filter to expand your Field and Operator options

    • Restore saved Filters you created in the browser, regardless of the Filter’s complexity
      • As mentioned previously, open the Filter from any table and click “Advanced”
      • Click “Saved Filters” to open the filters you have saved in your account - click the filter you would like to apply

    • Either click the check at the top of your screen, or click the individual filters to make changes to the field, operator and/or values

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