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    Attaching a Photo or other type of Document to your Listings on Propertyline


    This article will walk you through how to attach photos and other types of documents to your listings.

    First, open your listings, either from within Propertyline by clicking on the List tab at the top, or by clicking on Property Line in the Listing Section of the MarketPlace Category on the navigation page on the left side of your screen.

    On your listings page, click the Edit Listing button for the listing that you are wishing to attach a file to.

    Next, click on Attachments under Listing Controls on the right side of your screen.

    This will open a page where you can manage and upload attachments.

    From here, click on any of the links that say or imply "Upload Attachment".

    On the next screen, you will be given options for what type of attachment you are wishing to add, as well as a place to either upload or link to a URL for the file you'd like to attach to this listing.

    1 - Attachment Type

    Here, select the type of attachment. The URL option will change the Upload Attachment section to instead allow you to copy in a URL.

    2 - Upload Attachment

    In this section, you can give the attachment a description. Next, select the photo type from the drop-down if you are uploading a photo.

    Click the Choose File button to open a browse window and navigate to where you have the file saved to.

    If this is a photo and you'd like it to be the default photo that shows up for the listing, select Yes.

    3 - Upload

    Clicking this button will begin uploading the file to Propertyline. Please note that photos must be under 4 Megabytes, so if the file exceeds that size, edit the photo and reduce the file size prior to uploading.

    Success! From here we can upload additional photos or attachments, as well as edit existing attachments, or copy the files to other listings.

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