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    How to Update your Email Address, Password and other Personal Info


    This article will help you to set up and update your personal information within RealNex. This includes your name, phone number, company information, email address, search preferences and biographical information, which is used in the various Realnex products.

    To update this information, log in at and click on your name on the left-hand side, and you'll be given 5 options:

    My Contact

    The my contact section allows you to update your personal details, as well as change your password or set your account up to use a One Time Password in case you forget your password.

    Fields marked with an * on this screen are required fields.

    All phone number fields must have a + and your country code in front of the number. For US customers, your phone number will look like: +1 (281) 299-3161. 

    The information on this screen is used to populate your personal info in each of the RealNex applications, so one change will set up all of your different products.

    My Profile

    The My Profile section of RealNex are details about your affiliations, and information about what you do, including your Broker License, any Affiliations, real-estate deal preferences such as investment or property types, as well as a short Bio.

    My Company

    The My Company section is something new that we're adding, and as time goes on, will be used in various places within RealNex, allowing you to set details about your company and have that information able to be used in the various sections.

    As of right now, the only field that is modifiable is the Company Name. 

    My Search Preferences

    The My Search Preferences allows you to tell the system what types of deals/opportunities you may be interested in seeing from time to time, as well as any specific search criteria you'll regularly have.

    In addition, here you can set your email preferences for when we'll contact you.

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