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    How to Create an Email with Buzztarget


    Please Note that currently, this article is unfinished and will be completed soon!


    This article will walk you through creating an email campaign in Buzztarget.

    First, you will need to open your listings, by clicking My Account and then My Listings.

    This will open a page with your listings.

    Creating a Single Listing eMarket

    If you are wanting to send out an email regarding a single property, click on that listing, and then click Create Email Campaign on the right-hand side of your screen.

    The page that opens will allow you to select from 3 different options for what type of email you'd like to send: Flyer, Basic Template, and Advance Customizable Templates. Once you have selected your options here, you'll be taken to the Compose Message window to customize your email template.


    The flyer option allows you to submit a single image file to use as the body of the email that you send out, which can also optionally link to a URL of your choice.

    Selecting this option, you will want to click Add Flyer to select the image file to use as the body of your email blast. This image can be in JPG, JPEG, BMP or PNG formats.

    Once you've selected Add Flyer and navigated to the image file, you will be asked to crop the image, if you'd like. Set the selection and then click OK. You will then be shown a preview of the flyer. Once you are satisfied, click Next, and you will be taken to the Compose Message window. Instructions on the using the editor on this window are below.

    Basic Template

    The basic template option allows you to create your own template or load a template that has already been created using the editor on the Compose Message window .Instructions on the using the editor on this window are below.

    Advance Customizable Template

    The advance customizable templates option allows you to first select either one of our built-in templates, or any advanced templates you've created, and then customize the email to suit your needs.

    The main difference between the basic and advance customizable templates is that basic templates are 1 form for the entire email, whereas the advanced customizable templates are split into separate sections that each are modified separately from one-another using the Editor on the Compose Message window. 

    Creating a Multiple Listing eMarket

    If you are wanting to send out an email regarding multiple listings, check the checkboxes at the top-right corner of the listings you want to include, and then click Create Summary Email.

    This will open the Template Selection window, where you can choose from a number of templates that you can further customize in the next section.


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