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    How to Order a Propertyline eMarket


    Properyline eMarkets allow you to send your marketing blasts to our curated list of agents/brokers, principals and other decision makers.

    There are a number of options for your eMarkets, which will determine who sees your eMarket, and what they see. Click on one of the options to view how to order an eMarket for the specific type of eMarket you'd like.

    The three options for the type of eMarkets to send out are Single PropertyMulti-Property, or Custom.

    Single Property - iDesign eMarket - Walk through a step-by-step program to create a digital brochure that auto-populates with property information from an existing listing in the database.

    Multi-Property - iDesign eMarket - Create a multi-listing brochure using templates that auto-populate with existing property information from inventory in your PL account.

    Custom - Premier eMarket - Order a personalized brochure that allows for more graphics and information than a standard iDesign eMarket.

    There are 3 options available for the Send Type: NationalState, and Metro

    National - Sends to contacts regardless of regional setting from our entire National list.

    State - Allows you to send to contacts in one or more states.

    Metro - Allows you to send to contacts in one or more MSA's (Metropolitan Statistical Areas)

    In addition to these options, the actual eMarket that you send out is able to be easily branded for most companies, and simple to make the eMarket your own using the iDesign editor or a Custom eMarket template.

    Step by Step Guide to Ordering

    On the RealNex website, under Market Place, click eMarket, and then click Property Line.

    You'll be taken to a page with the PL Marketing Services. To begin the process of ordering and sending an eMarket, click Order Now

    The next page is where you'll select if you're wanting to send a Single PropertyMulti-Property, or Custom eMarket.

    Single Property or Multi-Property iDesign eMarket

    When you click the Continue button for the Single Property iDesign eMarket, you will be brought to a page asking which listing you're wanting to send an eMarket for. The listing must exist prior to creating the eMarket, so if you haven't done that yet, you will need to do so now.

    Select your listing(s) on this page and click Continue.

    The screen that pops up will prompt you to select a theme for your eMarket. 

    First, select a Category, then a Subcategory, and finally click on the design you'd like and click Done.

    (If you'd like to use company branding and your company's branding does not show up in the drop-down, please send an email to to get that set up.)

    You'll then be prompted to select from the available Layout options.

    This will set what the basic template layout will look like within the iDesign editor on the next step.

    Select your layout, as well as your Contact and Logo Options and click Done.

    This will bring up the iDesign editor, allowing you to customize the email template with your pictures and text (as well as using the editor options to customize the layout).

    You can alter the text by highlighting it and add photos by clicking on the buttons on the image placeholders and browsing for the photo(s) you'd like to include.

    To save your work, or when you have finished editing the eMarket and are ready to see a preview button, click the Save button at the bottom of the iDesign editor window.

    You'll be taken to a page where you can preview what your eMarket will look like. If you are not satisfied with anything, click the Edit button to be taken back to the iDesign editor window, or click Continue to continue ordering your eMarket.

    Make sure you are happy with everything in the eMarket before clicking Continue, as at that point, no further changes can be made.

    Ordering a Custom eMarket

    The Custom eMarket option is useful for when you already have an eMarket either you or your team have created, or want us to create a customized eMarket from an existing document.

    Select either Existing Flyer for a document you have on your PC (PDF, .DOC, .TXT, .PPT, .JPG, .GIF or .BMP files are able to be uploaded to us) or select Web Page if your flyer is currently hosted on a specific website.

    Be sure to add any comments for our team to better create the eMarket to your specifications.

    The process will allow for up to 3 times back and forth perfecting the eMarkets. If you require more work, we do offer this on an hourly basis.

    Once we have created a proof, we will send it to you, which contains a link to either approve or don't approve the proof, along with notes on what you'd like to have changed if you require changes.

    Once you have approved the final proof, we will schedule the eMarket and send it according to your eMarket send preferences.

    eMarket Send Preferences and Payment

    After you create your eMarket, you are taken to a page to select the options for who you want to see this eMarket.

    Send Type - This determines the geographic area(s) to which you want to send to. This doesn't necessarily mean that only people in that location will receive the email, but also anyone that put down interest in that geographical location.

    The options here are National which sends regardless of geographical preference, State which allows you to select to send to one or more US States, or Metro, which allows you to send to one or more MSA's in a region.

    eMarket Categories - These categories allow you to determine what types of properties you'd like the recipients of your eMarket are interested in. You are able to select any applicable Sale or Lease categories.

    Other categories are for eMarkets that aren't specifically regarding a property, such as for an event or conference.

    Subject - This is the subject line of the email that recipients will receive.

    Contact Email - This is the email that you would like the emails to be sent from. By default, this will be set to what we have on file for your RealNex account, so if you'd like the Reply To to be different, you can change that here.

    Once you have selected your options, click Submit to be taken to the payment page.

    Once your payment has gone through, we generally send eMarkets in batches between 8am and Noon Pacific time, and again between 1pm and 3:30pm Pacific time, and unless specifically requested, will send during the next available time slot.

    If you have a preference for when you'd like the eMarket to be sent, please email us at and include what time and day you'd like the eMarket to be sent, as well as the eMarket number provided to you.

    If you have any questions, give us a call at 281-299-3161. For support-related queries, such as something not working as intended, press 2. For sales and billing related queries, press 1.



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