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    Import Comparables to Comp Manager



    The  file you upload must be in a specific format and a sample csv file is available.

    The "price" must be in 'General' format: numbers only, no dollar ($) sign.
    All cell formats are General except the Sale Date, which must be 'Date' (4/28/2016)

    The .csv file you upload must have the exact amount of columns and the exact ordering of the columns as the sample file; and the Numeric Data Fields must contain the appropriate numerical value.

    CSV (Comma delimited): to create a .csv file from an open Excel file "Save As" and select this file type from the 'Save as type' drop down menu.

    Exact Amount and Ordering of Columns: You must have the exact amount of columns and the exact ordering of the columns. The data is not read by description of column but by the column location. If you do not have data for some columns you must still create the columns and leave them blank without data.

    Numeric Data Fields: Due to the fact that that the Investment Analysis program has dropdown selections for 2 data fields - Property Type and Lot Type. – you must change the text data in each column to an appropriate numerical value for the corresponding selection. Here are the columns and the appropriate numerical fields for your text.


    Column B, Property Type

    Residential = 0
    Commercial = 1
    Land = 2
    MultiFamily = 3
    Retail = 4
    Shopping Center = 5
    Industrial = 6
    Self Storage = 7
    Office = 8
    Hospitality = 9
    Health Care = 10

    Column M - Lot Type

    Sq Ft = 1
    Acres = 2



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