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    Importing Your Private Contacts into BuzzTarget


    In addition to being able to send out a limited number of emails monthly to the BuzzTarget community, with your subscription, you are able to send out an unlimited number of emails to your private contacts.

    This guide will walk through importing your contacts from a spreadsheet document.

    Getting the file ready

    Prior to uploading your contact list into BuzzTarget, it's a good idea to take a look and make sure everything is in order prior to importing. This means making sure that the column headers make sense, and are filled out for every column. You also must make sure to not use the same exact column header name twice in the same spreadsheet.

    We have also provided a template to help simplify the process. Just fill out the document using the pre-defined columns, and the system will automatically recognize each of the fields in the spreadsheet.

    Click Here to Download a Contact Import Template

    If it is not already, you must save your spreadsheet as either an Excel (.xls) document, or as a .csv file.

    To being importing, first, open My Contacts, by clicking My Account at the top and selecting My Contacts:

    This will open My Contacts, showing a list of the currently existing contacts and contact groups.

    At the top of that window, click the Import/Export button and select Upload from a File. The Import Contacts from File window will appear:

    Next, click the Select File button to open the Open File window, and navigate to the file that you wish to upload.

    Once you've selected the file, you will be prompted to select which sheet to import, if the spreadsheet has multiple sheets.

    You must then check the checkbox, acknowledging that you have permission to add them to your contact lt

    Once you have selected a file, a source sheet, and checked the permission checkbox, click Next.

    This will bring up the Field Matcher. This shows a list of all of the available contact fields, with a drop-down showing a list of the columns in your spreadsheet.

    If you are not seeing 2 columns of fields on the window, click on the Show Additional Fields link at the top of the window.

    The system will try to automatically match up your columns with the available fields. However, the system isn't perfect, and so if you have a field that didn't automatically match up, you can select the column in the drop-down list for the appropriate field.

    The Contact Group field allows you to have the contacts automatically placed into their appropriate groups. A contact can be imported into multiple groups simultaneously. In the spreadsheet, in the Contact Group column, you can enter multiple values separated by a comma.

    When importing, if one of the items in the Contacts Group column doesn't exist in your contact groups in BuzzTarget, the system will automatically create the group.

    Once all fields have been matched up, you're done! Hit the next button one final time and you will be prompted with the following screen:

    The system might take a short while to import your contact list, depending on how many contacts you are attempting to import.

    Once the import has completed, you will be sent an email letting you know that it has completed, and show you statistics of the import:

    Congratulations! You have just imported contacts into BuzzTarget and can now begin marketing to those contacts!

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