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    Troubleshooting Issues with Setting up RealNex CRM Outlook Add-In`


    If you are experiencing any issues setting up the RealNex Outlook Add-in, which is outlined in the This Article, this article will help to troubleshoot and fix most common issues.

    RealNex Outlook Link does not appear in either the Active, Inactive, or Disabled Application Add-ins Section

    The most common reason for the add-in to not appear is that the version of Outlook installed is the 64 bit version. The RealNex CRM Outlook Add-in will only work on 32 bit versions of Microsoft Office, and so to use it, you will need to uninstall the 64 bit version and install the 32 bit version. You can find your Office version from within Outlook by clicking File on the ribbon and clicking Office Account, and then clicking the About Outlook:

    At the top, where the item in the above image is highlighted in yellow-orange, shows whether Office is 32 bit or 64 bit. 

    The following article from Microsoft's website explains the differences between these versions, and how to uninstall and reinstall Office:

    Choose the 64-bit or 32-bit version of Office 2016

    If you do already have the 32 bit version of Microsoft Office installed, you'll need to do a repair on your RealNex CRM program. To do this, first close out of the RealNex CRM and any Microsoft Office applications you are currently running.

    Once these are closed, open the Programs and Features application in Windows by clicking Start and typing 'Programs and Features' without the quotation marks, and then clicking the Programs and Features icon that appears.

    In the window that appears, scroll to RealNex CRM, highlight it, and then click the Repair button to open the installation wizard to repair the CRM application. During the wizard, keep the default options selected and click Next through the prompts.

    RealNex Outlook Link appears in the Disabled Items section of the Add-in Options in Outlook

    In Microsoft Outlook, add-ins can be automatically disabled due to slowing down Outlook from starting up.

    If your Add-in Appears under disabled items, at the bottom, there is a drop-down box next to Manage. Select Disabled items from that list, and click the Go button:

    This will open a box that shows any add-ins that have been disabled. In that list, click on the RealNex Outlook Link and click the Enable button.

    This will force the add-in to automatically start with Outlook in the future, as well as enabling it right now.

    RealNex Outlook Link appears under the Inactive Application Add-ins section

    In the add-in options, add-ins can also be set to Inactive. To change this, make sure the Manage drop-down box is set to Com Add-ins and hit the Go butto, and you'll see the following window appear:

    Click on the checkbox next to RealNex Outlook Link and click OK.

    If, once you hit OK, the setting was not saved, you may need to close Outlook and run Outlook as an administrator, by right-clicking on Outlook on your Start Menu and selecting Run As Administrator (Or on newer versions of Windows 10, selecting More followed by selecting Run as Administrator). Once you've made this setting after running Outlook as an administrator, you can close Outlook and re-open it as you normally would.

    If after these steps, you're still having issues setting up the add-in, either call or email us, at 281-299-3161 or

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