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    Changing your CRM Password


    If you've forgotten your password for the Desktop CRM application, this guide will help you change the password for the account.

    Please note: These steps must be done either on a single-user desktop application, or for multiple-user systems, on the server computer.

    Steps to Change Password


    1. Click the Start button in Windows
    2. Type 'Database Manager' without the quotation marks
    3. Click the Database Manager application that opens
    4. Click the Connect button. If you are on the server computer, the login details should fill in automatically. Click OK.
    5. Click the User Accounts button
    6. Highlight the account you wish to change the password for and click Edit, or double-click on the account
    7. Click the Change Password button, and assign a new password
    8. Hit OK, followed by OK once again

    This will change the login password for the Desktop application. Please note that this will not have any effect on your password for the RealNex website, and that password must be changed by visiting, clicking Login and clicking Change Password.


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