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    Running a Commissions Report


    The RealNex CRM allows you to track commissions on your projects for one or more agents at your organization. This information can then be used to generate commissions reports grouped by Agent, Project, or Result of the project.

     Note, you have to have the commissions set up in Projects with at least 1 Agent in the Agents section to the right of the Amount, Comm Pct fields, by clicking the + button, searching for the agent and then entering the split percentage (100 if just one agent is involved on the deal).

    First, query for the projects you want to include. You can also use Tags to accommodate this, by opening Projects, switching to list view (F5 on your keyboard) and then tagging the records you'd like to make up the results of the report by using the checkbox on the right-hand side of the list. Once tagged, close the list window to go back to the Projects window and then click the down arrow on the Tags button, and click Show Tagged. This should change the total number of records at the top-right to be the number of records you tagged.

     Once you've queried or tagged down to the records you want to use, go to Report > Run Report and select the most appropriate report for Commissions, hit Preview and make sure to select All Records in Current Query.

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