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    Hybrid Setup: Information for added User Only showing on the Desktop


    In Realnex CRM you will need to add your Users in two different places the first being on the desktop under Tools > Administration > User Management under each user is a field called (Realnex Email) – this will need to be filled in with the correct email to login to with.


    The second place this needs to be entered is in the portal once you have logged in with your own email under (click your email address at the right of the screen)

    My Account > Subscription Plan



    Find the correct Subscription that you need your users to be part of there will be a pencil Icon on the right under the Assign Users column – click on the pencil.


    You will then be presented with the Subscriptions Available Screen

    Under that you can Activate / Deactivate users as well as (Assign) Users


    Click Assign user then fill out the form in regards to the user needing to be added to cloud access.

    If you are presented with a message that says anything other than User Added Successfully please call support at 281-299-3161 x 2

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