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    Importing Contacts into Buzztarget


    You can import your own contact lists to send to your own contacts using the RealNex 3-in-1 Marketing system. Your subscription allows you either 5,000, 10,000 or 15,000 contacts, depending on your level of service. You can speak to a sales representative to discuss options.

    To upload a contact list, the list must first be in either CSV, XLS or XLSX format. 

    A contact upload template is available during the steps outlined below.


    First, click My Tools at the top and select My Contacts:


    Next, click on the Import/Export button near the top and select Upload from a File: 

    On the screen that appears, you can click to download a template for uploading [1].

    Click the Select File [2] button to choose which file you wish to upload.

    This will make Select Source appear, showing you the different tabs available to import from [3]:

    Select which tab contains the contacts, then check the box stating that the recipients contained in the list have given you permission to market to them [4] and then click Next. [5]

    This will open the dialogue window where you can choose which fields to import:

    If you click on the Show Additional Fields link at the top [6] you will be shown more options for fields to import.

    To select a field to map, click the drop-down arrow next to that field [7] and select which field from your data source you wish to match to that field.

    The first 3 fields on the left-hand column are required fields, and must be filled in for all contacts that are uploaded. These are First Name, Last Name and Email Address [8].

    The Import Mode option "Update Existing Contacts" will recognize duplicate contacts and update the information in your Contact List with the information contained in your source file. 

    Once you have matched each field you wish to upload, click Next. [10]

    Once the upload has begun, you will be shown the above window. While the contact import is happening, you can't upload additional files until the current upload has finished. You will see the following alert on your page:

    When the import has completed, you will receive an email with a summary from the import, as well as any errors that happened during the process:

    Your contacts are now in the RealNex 3-in-1 Marketing platform and can receive emails from your listings.



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