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    Map Shows Incorrect Location on Deals


    Occasionally, you'll come across a property that doesn't display correctly on the map. When this occurs, it is caused by the Latitude and Longitude coordinates not being accurate. These coordinates are editable, so once you find the correct Latitude and Longitude coordinates, you can enter them to fix the location on the map.

    If you don't know the Latitude and Longitude coordinates, you can use a number of free tools online. One free tool can be found at (This is a 3rd party site and is not affiliated with RealNex in any way)

    To change the Latitude and Longitude, click on the Map Pin for the property you'd like to change [1], and then click on the current value for Latitude or Longitude [2].

    Once you've changed the Latitude and Longitude coordinates, refresh the page (F5) and your property should appear in the correct location.


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