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    Uploading a Rent Roll (MultiFamily) Video



    You can upload your rent roll as a csv text file and your Unit Mixes will be automatically calculated for for you including totals and averages. You may also add in pro-forma rents, vacancy and abatement. And you will be able to generate a Unit Rent Roll report on the Proposal tab.

    To upload your rent roll click on 'Upload Units' in the Rental Income section of a multifamily Income page. The file you upload must be a csv file in the exact layout as the sample provided. Monthly Base Rent and sq Feet are REQUIRED data fields. Upload and then Save your file. After you close the window you must click the 'Refresh' button on the Income tab to update the Unit Mix information.

    Please note:

    Row 1 of the file you upload must be EXACTLY identical to the sample file. You can delete all rows except row 1 and use the sample file as your template.

    Monthly Base Rent and sq Feet are REQUIRED

    All cell data must be in the General format - no dollar signs.

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