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    Calculation Spy


    Even the simplest investment analysis can be difficult to understand unless each calculation can be broken down into a manageable piece. The proprietary Calculation Spy can handle even the most complex analysis. See video at bottom of page.

    To use the Calculation Spy, select Analysis | Calculation Spy... from the top Headings. In the Calculation Spy dialog box select a calculation in the list box by clicking on it. The selected calculation will appear in the table to the right. To drill down further into a component of the calculation click on 'Drill'. The table will now display all the components that comprise the selected calculation. To back up one level click on the Back button. For example, the following sequence is easily performed.

    Net Cash Flow (b/t)

       >Net Operating Incomex

         >Gross Operating Income

           >Gross Scheduled Incomex

             >Total Rental Incomex

               >Rental Income for each tenant



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