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    Number of Tenants


    From the General Tab, General Information section:  "Number Tenants" or "Unit Mixes"

    For Commercial Properties:
    Enter the number of tenants.

    For Residential or Multi-Family Properties:
    Enter the number of units, or the number of mixes of units.

    Note: This number sets the number of Rental Income lines on the Income tab. Changing this number will delete, or add, the appropriate number of lines from the bottom of the Rental Income Section of the Income Tab.

    When using the unit mix option, enter the number of different types of units.
    For example in an analysis of an apartment complex with thirty total units comprised of:

    12 - 1 Bedroom,
    12 - 2 Bedroom
     6 -  2 Studio;

    you would enter the number “3” in “Unit Mixes”. And enter the average Sq. Ft. and Rent per Unit.









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