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    Analysis Date


    Analysis Date specifies the month in which the analysis begins. When using the commercial Income page you must ensure that all Lease Expiration Dates occur after the Analysis Date. If a Lease expires before the analysis begins the system gives you warning and will not calculate the income for the tenant.

    The analysis is run for twenty years out starting from the Analysis Date in whole years. Enter the Analysis Date in the mm/yyyy format. By checking Auto Update the Analysis Date is automatically set to the current date each time the property is opened.

    When you create a new property the Analysis Date is set to the current month and the Auto Update box is checked, by default. When you re-open the property in subsequent months the analysis date will change to that current month. With the Auto Update box checked all projections go forward 20 years from this current month.

    Contractual Lease end dates do not change automatically. Therefore, a new property (and any property with the Auto Update box checked) with a contractual lease end date in 5 years will have the entire contractual lease within the entire first five (5) years of projections and will completely fill those five years. Opening this property one year form now, the contractual lease will now expire at the end of the 4th year of the analysis projections. The projections for the 5th year would be derived from the data entered into the lease renewal popup box.

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