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    Pro Forma Summary Report


    The Pro Forma Summary Report is found on the Output tab, Available Reports, Snapshot Reports section.  Left click to drag this report up to the Included Reports section. Click on the Report to highlight it, and then click on Edit Page...

    Enter your pro forma/market data for Rent, Misc. Income and Expenses. By default this may be populated for you from the initial data entered on the Income tab. The Actual Rent is the data entered on the Income Tab | Rental Income section; and Actual Expenses is the data entered on the Expenses Tab | General Expenses section. Make sure you do not have the Speed Analysis option checked.

    From the Misc Tab you may select the Layout; type in a Report Title and Pro Forma Column Header; and set the Pro Forma (Market) Vacancy, Property Management Fee, and Replacement Reserves.

    Click on the OK button to save the data and close the dialog box.





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