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    Reimbursable Expenses


    Reimbursements in Investment Analysis require two components;
    1. Reimbursement Type (and Amount if applicable) and
    2. Reimbursable Expenses.

    Set the Reimbursement Type FOR EACH TENANT from the Reimbursements & Renewals dialog box.
    The Reimbursable Expenses are flagged on the Expense tab in the General Expenses.

    When both a Reimbursement Type is set for a tenant and Reimbursable Expenses are flagged, the Reimbursable Expenses are calculated in the analysis. The results of Reimbursable Expenses can be seen in both the APOD report and the Tenant Cash Flow Analysis report.

    N.B. Reimbursements, and Lease Renewals, are available with a commercial Income page.

    You must set the Reimbursement Type for each tenant from the Lease Reimbursements section on the "Reimbursements & Renewals" popup window. Left Click on "Reimbursements & Renewals" , found in the Rental Income section on the Income Tab page, to open this popup window. 


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