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    Apartments and Multi-Family Properties


    On the General Tab | Property Type select 'Multi-Family.'

    From the Income Tab upload your individual units into your analysis from a csv text file. Save, Close, and then Refresh. The Unit Mixes are automatically calculated for you will be able to generate a Unit Rent Roll report from the Proposal tab.


    Select the number of unit mixes, not the actual number of units, in "Unit Mixes". On very small properties, the number of unit mixes may be the same as the actual number of units. Using unit mixes provides superior presentation options. Enter the number of different types of units. Then on the Income tab enter in the total number for each of the different Unit Mixes in "# Units"

    For an apartment complex with sixty (60) total units comprised of:
    18 - 1 Bedroom,
    28 - 2 Bedroom and
    14 - 2 Bedroom/2 Bath

    On the General tab enter the number three (3) in Unit Mixes. Decreasing or increasing this number will delete, or add, the appropriate number of lines from the bottom of the Rental Income Section of the Income Tab.

    And on the Income tab type the Tenant / Mix Desc. and enter "18", "28", and "14" in to the "# Units" column for the different mix types.

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