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    REA10 Not Licensing Properly Despite License Added - Or SSL/TLS Security Channel Error on Login


    If you are experiencing one of the two issues within the title of this article the reason for this is our development team recently updated the SSL Security Certificate of the site which is now an upgrade Security 1.2 SSL Certification. The reason for your machine running into these errors is you need to teach Windows to utilize the TLS 1.2 Security in order for your REA Installation to see the new Security Certification on our Licensing Servers.


    1 - Close out of REA 10.

    2 - Please install the following Registry Edit - this link.


    Once you have downloaded the TLSFix.reg file, make sure to close out of REA 10 entirely. Run the file, press "Yes" on the User Account Control Prompt that appears, then click "Yes" to continue, and finally, click "OK" to exit the prompt.


    Now, run REA 10 again, and the error should be resolved. If the error persists, your server hosting REA might have an additional layer of security beyond TLS 1.2. In that case, please contact RealNex Support for an additional fix.


    As of right this moment this fix has been working for most. If you are greeted with a UAC (User Account Control) window that asks for credentials - Please contact your office Administrator or Local Office IT for assistance in running this reg file.


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