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    Sales and Rent Comparables


    Enter all comparables (Sales and Rent) into the Comps Manager and select the ones you want to include in your report from the Sales Comps or Rent Comps report Edit Page.... on the Proposals tab. 

    On the Options page you Must choose at least one of the three Comp Options: 
    Include Individual Comps; Include Charts; or  (maximum of twenty one locations).


    On the Select Comps page click on 'Search' to see your comps, select the comp(s) you want, and click 'Add Comps' to move them from the top box to the bottom box and they will be included in your report. 


    If you do not see your comp(s) please go to Comp Manager and verify the comp has the required data.


    Sales Comps:  Comps which have a Price (General, Sales Information) will appear on the Sales Comps Select Comps page.

    Rent Comps: the data fields required for Rent Comps to appear on the Rent Comps Select Comps page are:
    Multifamily Comps:   Comps which have an "Average Rent" (Unit Mix page) 
    Commercial Comps:  Comps which have Average Rent per rsf per year on the Financial page.


     Comp Manager Required Data input for Sales Comps:


    Comp Manager Required Data input for Multifamily Rent Comp:


     Comp Manager Required Data input for Commercial Rent Comp:


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