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    Run a Table Query


    I need to run a query to identify the most recent comps. How do I do that?


    Just like with any table, you first need to open the table, in this case, Sales Comps.

    Once in the table you're wanting to Query, you then have a few options for how to start a Query.

    First, you can use the hotkey Control+Q.
    You can also use the drop-down labelled Query on the toolbar and select Query.
    You can also right-click on the field you're wanting to Query on, and select Query.
    Finally, under the Lookup menu, you can select Query.

    Each of these will bring up the Query window. A query has 3 main parts:

    Field: Which field you are wanting to search on
    Operator: How you want it to search (examples: Contains will search for a value anywhere inside a table. Equal to requires an exact match. Etc.)
    Value: The value you want to search on.

    Once you've set these options, click OK, and the number of records should now reflect your query.

    You can set further levels of a query by repeating these steps for any additional fields you wish to search on. The one change is for each query after the first, at the bottom-left of the query window, you have 3 options:

    Replace Current Query: This will ignore the previous query and set a new query.
    Drill-down within current Query: This will query only within the records from the prior query. Similar to the operator AND.
    Add to Current Query: This will add any records from this query to the original query. Similar to the operator OR.

    You can perform any number of layers to a query. You are also able to use queries to open linked tables. This is done under the Lookup Menu, under the Linked option. From there, you can search for linked Properties, Buyers, Sellers, and various other records.

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