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    Adding a user to your RealNex CRM



    This article specifically deals with adding users to the Desktop CRM database. For information on assigning users to your subscription, click here.

    To add a user to your RealNex CRM Desktop, you'll need to add the user through the administration tools in the CRM, as well as install the CRM Desktop Workstation software on the user's PC.

    Adding a User to your RealNex CRM

    Please note, you must be an administrator for your RealNex CRM to add or edit user accounts.

    To add a user, in the Desktop CRM, go to Tools > Administration > User Management.

     Click the New button.  

    This will open the User Properties window.

    User ID: This is the ID that will show up on timestamps in the system

    User Name: The user's full name

    Login: The user's login name for the CRM Desktop

    RealNex Email: The email address the user uses to log in at

    Default Team: The team that is used when the user adds records to the system.

    Fill in the details in this form, and click Account is Enabled. Click Change Password to assign a password for this account.

    If you need to make any changes to the Teams the user has access to or Permissions for that user, click the Teams or Permissions tab accordingly.

    After the user has been set up, you'll need to download and install the CRM Desktop Workstation software on the user's PC. You'll need the user's login and password that were created, as well as the server name. You can find the server name in your desktop CRM at the bottom-left corner of the software, where it will show the Server name (SERVER\REALNEX) followed by the user that is logged in. We only need the Server Name itself.

    Installing the CRM Desktop software on the user's Workstation PC

    First, download the workstation software by clicking this link.

    Once the file has finished downloading, run through the prompts to install the CRM Desktop software.

    Once the software has installed, when you open the CRM, it will initially ask for the Server, Login and Password. Enter those details on this screen, then click OK.

    This user should now have access to the data in the RealNex CRM Desktop, and this process also adds the user to have online access to CRM Live at

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