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    Removing the Sample Database from CRM Live


    When you very login to the RealNex CRM online and you see the sample database, don't be alarmed. This is most likely because you have not ran the LiveSync tool on your desktop and synchronized your database so it can be accessed online.

    To upload your Desktop CRM database and create your online CRM database, you'll need to run the LiveSync tool on your Server.

    (For single-users of the RealNex CRM, your Desktop PC is the server)

    To run the LiveSync tool, click Start in Windows and type 'livesync' without the quotes. You'll see a blue CRM Live icon appear. Click on that to start the process to create an online database and synchronize your information to the cloud.


    After you've synchronized for the first time, log in at and click the CRM product. You should now see the same records as your Desktop database instead of the Demo data.

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