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    Assigning Users to your RealNex Subscription


    This article will walk you through how to add, remove and manage the users that will have access to your RealNex Subscription.

    First, log in to your account at

    Once logged in, click your name at the top right and click My Subscription

    The page that appears will have listed any subscriptions that you have tied to your account.

    To modify the users for a subscription, click on the Settings Button  for that subscription.

    You'll be taken to the Plan Administration page for that subscription, where you can add and modify users or the number of active users

    To Add a New User, click the Assign Users button. You'll be greeted with the following window:

    Enter the user's Email Address, Name, and Mobile Number (optional) and click Save.

    The system will send an email to that user, letting them know they were added to the subscription.

    If the user already had a RealNex account, they can utilize the subscription by logging in. 

    If the user has not ever created a RealNex account, the email will prompt them to create one. Alternatively, they can create an account by visiting and clicking Login at the top. They will be prompted to enter their email address. Once they have entered that, and hit the submit button, they will be prompted to enter a few basic contact details, as well as to create a password for their RealNex account.

    Once the user signs in, they will be able to use any RealNex products that the subscription assigned to them allows.







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