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    Exporting Records to Excel for Desktop CRM


    This article will teach you about exporting your records to Excel


    Each table can be exported to an Excel spreadsheet, so the first step is to open the table you are wishing to Export (This is available for Properties, Contacts, Companies, Sales and Lease Comparables, Spaces, and Dashboard tables, including Events, Histories, Leads and Projects)

    After you've opened the table you're wanting to export, switch to the List View for that table, either by using the F5 hotkey, or clicking the View menu item, and selecting List.

    Note, by default, the 4 tables that show up in the Dashboard, Events, History, Leads and Projects are shown in List View so this step isn't required to export those details.

    On the toolbar in any list view, there is an Excel icon to export the information to Excel.

    For the tables not in the Dashboard, you can customize which fields get exported by using the Fields drop-down menu on the toolbar, and clicking on Fields.

    If you have a group open or a query set, the Export to Excel will only export those records that match the query you have set.

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