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    Managing User and Team Permissions


    Within User Management, User and Team Permissions are what determine how a user is able to interact with the CRM Database. From what a user can add, delete and edit within the database, to administering other users’ capabilities and more, Permissions play a crucial role in managing your RealNex CRM.


    For an exhaustive list of User and Team Permissions and what their capabilities are, click here.


    This article will quickly cover how to access User Management within Settings, and what is needed on a user’s behalf in order to adjust User and Team Permissions.


    User and Team Permissions

    Only users with the "User administrator" permission can access User and Team Permissions within the system. We'll call these users "Admins" or “Administrators” throughout this article.


    This permission grants considerable capabilities, so we recommend keeping the number of Administrators limited. For example, an office of 5 people might only need one Admin. In this case, the Operations Manager could be the primary Admin, with another team member (like the Broker) stepping in as needed. Having a clear primary Admin helps keep your system organized and efficient.


    If your office is larger, consider adding another 1 or 2 Administrators in your database.


    How to edit a User's Permissions

    Administrators can go to Settings > Administration > User Management to access the user management settings within their RealNex CRM Database.

    Once at the Users Management popup, click the edit icon next to the user you want to edit the permissions for.


    Managing a User's Permissions

    Global Settings

    After clicking the edit button, you will see a popup displaying that user’s Global Permissions:

    1. User Permissions
      • Control the ability to perform operations related to the CRM system as a whole.
    2. Team <everyone> permissions
      • Control the ability to operate on records which are not their own and are assigned to the “<everyone>” team

    User Permissions under Global Settings control the ability to perform operations related to the CRM system as a whole.


    Team <everyone> Permissions under Global Settings control the ability to operate on records which are assigned to the “<everyone>” team, records which they did not create.

    Teams Membership

    Upon clicking the Teams Membership tab, you will see:

    1. User Teams
      • Manage the teams that the user is in, select one to manage permissions
    2. Team Permissions
      • Manage the user’s permissions for the selected team

    Managing Teams

    While users can manage Team Permissions from the User Management function, Team Permissions can also be managed from the Teams Management function.

    Click Tools > Teams...

    You are now looking at the Teams Management popup, where you can use the edit icon to edit the permissions for ALL users in a Team.

    Click and highlight users under the Team Members section on the left to edit their Permissions on the right. Additionally, you can add users to the team from this page by using the "Add..." button.

    Once content with the changes you have made, click Save preserve your new Team settings!

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