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    Outlook Add-In for CRM


    Your business revolves around your email, so it's important that your CRM has the ability to work alongside your inbox. Your CRM should be able to collect contact information straight from your Inbox and allow you to organize and send it to your CRM database. 


    Continue to the next section to learn how to install the Add-In to your Outlook Desktop Application. Click here to skip to installing the Add-In to Outlook Online within your browser.

    If you have already installed it, click to learn how to use the Add-In.


    For video guidance, visit our RealNex Outlook Add-In Playlist on YouTube and follow along!


    Installing the Add-In

    Outlook Desktop Application

    Before proceeding, it's important to note that the Outlook Add-In is only available through the "New Outlook" configuration in your Outlook Desktop Application, which you should see as a switch at the top of your Outlook:

    Once you have the New Outlook switch turned on, click into and open an Email, the click the "Get add-ins" icon:

    You will now see the “Add-Ins for Outlook” popup - use the search box to search for “RealNex” and click “Add”:

    Confirm the License terms and Privacy policy by clicking "Continue" in the ensuing popup:

    Once added, click to skip to the "Using the Add-In" section of the article.


    Outlook Online

    From the toolbar on the left hand side, click the "More Apps" icon, then "Add apps":

    Search for "RealNex" and select the option that appears:

    Click "Add" and proceed with the confirmation steps to complete installation.

    Continue reading to learn about how to use the add-in.


    Using the Add-In

    Opening the Add-In

    1. Open an email containing the Contact(s) you would like to add to your CRM and click the "Apps" icon
    2. Select the "RealNex CRM" add-in icon
    3. You will now see the add-in on the right-hand side of your screen. Click "Authorize" and allow popups to login and connect your RealNex account
    4. Wait a moment for your accounts to connect and adjust the 'Pin' icon to lock in your add-in as you navigate your inbox.


    Navigating the Add-In

    Button and Text Boxes

    1. Text Boxes

    • Link to Company
      • Only one Company can be selected
      • Search, find, and select an existing Company
      • Add a new Company to your database by typing its full name and hit "Enter" on your keyboard. clicking "Submit Contact(s)" will create the Company in your database and link the respective Contact(s) to it.
    • Associate to Group(s)
      • You can select more than one Group
      • You cannot create Groups from the add-in
      • Search, find, and select existing Groups
    • Assign as Lead to Project(s)
      • You can select more than one Project
      • You cannot create Projects from the add-in
      • Search, find, and select existing Projects
    • Assign to Team
      • Only one Team can be selected
      • If left blank, the Team defaults to "Private"
      • Search, find, and select an existing Team to assign a record to it

    2. 'Help' Icon 

    Click the 'Help' icon at the ends of the textboxes for more detailed instructions. Click the 'Help' icon at the bottom of the add-in to view overall instructions, learn more about features and read FAQs.

    3. RealNex Button

    Click the orange "RealNex" button at the bottom of the add-in to open RealNex in a new tab


    Existing Contacts

    Expanding the "Existing Contacts" dropdown will reveal contacts in your selected email that are already in your CRM database, including their name, company, and email address. Clicking the 'CRM' icon will open that contact within RealNex in a new tab, where you can make any edits or additions you'd like to make to that contact.


    Adding Multiple Contacts

    Using the checkboxes to select more than one Contact allows you to mass add Contacts and link them to a Company, Group(s), as Leads to Project(s), and assign them to a Team. 

    Once content with the Contacts and where they will be linked and/or assigned, click "Submit Contact(s)" to complete the action within your CRM.


    Adding a Single Contact

    Click on the name of any individual contact, under "New Contacts" to open the Contact Page. Here, you can determine the contact type, individually assign a Company, Group, Lead to a Project, or a Team. As you will be able to see, you also have the option to add more information, like their Title, phone numbers, and a website.

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