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    2023 Enhancements in Review


    Rounding out a year of enhancements

    As noted in December's announcement, we are excited to bring a handful of enhancements that we are in the process of releasing, as well as bringing attention to a few other enhancements that we have introduced over the course of the last year.


    This article serves as a starting point to learn more about the topics you've heard about. We'll tell you about the enhancements, and point you in the direction of where you can learn more about them. 


    Read along or skip to a specific section using the links below:



    Global Search

    Global Search empowers you to search across your entire database from anywhere in your CRM.


    From names, alternate addresses, phone numbers and email addresses associated with Properties, Owners, or Tenants, you can quickly get to the data you're needing in a moment's notice using the search bar at the top of your CRM:

    To learn more, take a look at our Global Search Video.


    Import Tool 

    RealNex also offers robust paid data services, allowing you to purchase property data, and import third-party data easily into your CRM.


    For those with RealNex NavigatorPRO™, RX Data provides you the opportunity to bring crucial property data seamlessly into your CRM.

    For those without RealNex NavigatorPRO™, you also still have the opportunity to purchase market-specific RX Data, bringing data like Land and Building Profiles, Ownership, Transaction History, Loan Details and Tenant Rosters.


    If you're eager to learn more, visit


    Additionally, the same tool provides you the option to utilize paid import services for your favorite third-party services or even migrate from legacy solutions, including those from REApps who are looking for a solution to run alongside their business.


    There are a variety of options available to you as a user, from regular imports to one-time imports. Visit the Import Tool website using the link above to learn more. 

    When you're ready to utilize this service, please don't hesitate to reach out to your account rep or contact us at


    Expanded Group Management Tool

    The Group Management Tool has been enhanced to provide more capabilities beyond just adding or removing records to or from a Group. In addition to that capability, users now have the ability to add/remove Contacts as Leads to Projects, in addition to adding History to multiple Contacts at the same time as well.


    While Contacts provide you with all the capabilities mentioned above, other tables provide other options, so be sure to check it out in Projects, Companies, Properties, etc.



    If you'd like a step-by-step Guide that will show you where you find the tool, click here to open a GuideMe walkthrough in your RealNex account to follow along.


    New Notes Side Panel

    If you have ever found yourself needing to reference your Notes in a record while in a tab such as "Profile", "Events" or any other tab, now you can!


    Not only can you access and edit your Notes from any tab at the bottom of the record, now you can view them vertically, side-by-side as you work in a record.



    Learn how to do so by clicking here to open a quick GuideMe walkthrough in your RealNex account.



    In addition to introducing 1,100 new database fields, they can now be accessed and displayed in your own personal Layout. 


    Organize how fields show up on a record - display a Tenant's building requirements and business information, or an Investor's investment criteria, without cluttering your record with extra data that isn't relevant to your needs.



    We are in the final stages of releasing this feature for all users. Be on the lookout for a notification in your account once it's released and check back to this article for links to FAQs and GuideMe Walkthroughs.


    CRM REST API (Coming Soon)

    Currently in development, this enhancement will allow your developers to tailor custom solutions to meet your needs. 


    Users will be notified when this powerful enhancement is live. If you are interested in helping to provide us pre-release feedback, contact and let us know you are interested in testing the CRM REST API when we arrive to that stage.


    Event Reminders

    Users already get Event Reminders within their RealNex accounts and can access them with the Reminders button:


    Now, even if you have RealNex running in another tab, you can turn on Browser Notifications from RealNex to alert you of an upcoming event on your calendar. Click here to read the Knowledge Base article, where we provide instructions for enabling browser notifications for a variety of browsers.


    Outlook/Gmail Add-In

    As a Commercial Real Estate Professional, your business revolves around your email inbox. With RealNex, you can already synchronize your Contacts, Calendar, and Email History with your Outlook/Office 365 or Gmail

    We're now introducing RealNex CRM Add-Ins that you can utilize in your Gmail and Outlook accounts. These Add-Ins will grant you the ability to take Contacts straight from any email you've received and send it to your CRM, associating them with Groups, Projects and Teams straight from your inbox.


    While we are in the final stages to have the Outlook Add-In available in the Apps Marketplace, those who are interested in installing and learning more about the Outlook Add-In ASAP, refer to the Outlook Add-In for CRM.

    For those who are interested in the Gmail Add-In, install it through the Google Workspace Marketplace, and refer to our YouTube playlist for the RealNex Gmail Add-In.


    Did you know?

    RealNex VR - 3D Videos & Renderings

    Sometimes images and floor plans aren't sufficient enough to visualize your space or listings. 


    As an additional service, RealNex VR offers virtual reality tours, renderings, and video services to further bring your listings to life. 


    Play the video below to view a completed project for a client who could only provide a conceptual site plan and its location. To inquire about this service, submit your information here!


    Private Email Domains

    By default, when your RealCampaign emails land in your contacts' inbox, the "From:" address is listed as "".


    For a fee, RealNex offers the ability to change that email domain to your liking, reflecting any company email address you or your office use on a regular basis. If this interests you, email or reach out to your account representative.


    Updated CRM User Interface

    Lastly, with this final release of the year, we took the opportunity to freshen up the look of the CRM in some areas. You may have already noticed the updated buttons and appearance, specifically in a Property record:


    Additionally, we have introduced the ability to adjust your data field and label background colors, allowing you to adjust the appearance of your CRM in a way that suits you. To get a quick tour of Dialog Styles, click to open the Dialog Styles GuideMe in your RealNex account.

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