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    How to Save Searches, Get Notified of New Listings, and Post a Want


    With RealNex MarketPlace, you are able to save your searches, eliminating the need to enter the same criteria on a regular basis.

    With these saved searches, you can post a Want, so whenever a user adds a listing that matches your search criteria, that user will be notified of your interest.

    In addition, you can select the option to be notified when any new listings are added that match the criteria for your search.

    To begin, click on Search underneath MarketPlace in the RealNex portal navigation menu:

    On the new Search browser tab, click on the blue tab on the right side of your browser window labeled Search.

    Here you will enter the criteria for your search including location, property type, price range, and cap rate.

    Once you have entered the your specific criteria, select the Save button at the bottom of the Search Listing section:


    Clicking Save will open a box where you can name the search, create a Want Listing, and select to be notified of any new matches to your search. Once you have selected your options, click Save.



    To view and manage Saved Searches you have created, click on the My Saved Searches icon on your MarketPlace toolbar:

    Here you can turn Saved Searches on or off, create a want (if you didn't do so upon creation of the saved search), or delete a saved search:



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