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    How to Save Searches, Get Notified of New Listings, and Post a Want


    With Property Line, you are able to save your searches, eliminating the need to enter the same criteria on a regular basis.

    With these saved searches, you can post a Want, so whenever a user adds a listing that matches your search criteria, that user will be notified of your interest.

    In addition, you can use the Listing Express feature to be notified any time any new listings are added that match the criteria for your search.

    To begin, start a new Listing Search in Property Line from the Search Tab at the top.

    Enter the criteria for your search. You can choose to either use the Basic or Advanced Search here.

    Once you have entered the criteria and click search, you will be taken to the results page, showing all listings that match your search terms.

    At the top of the list, you will see a Save Search button. 

    Clicking that button will take you to a page where you can name the search, as well as select if you would like to post a Want, or to create a Listing Express.

    Once you have selected your options, click Save.

    If you selected Listing Express, you will recieve an email any time a new listing that matches that search is added to Propertyline.

    To find your Saved Searches later, click the Search Tab in Propertyline, and then on the right, you will see a box for Saved Searches as well as Recent Searches, so if you decide later on that you want to save a search, you can reload a search that you had recently done.

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