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    Get Ready for the New RealNex App on iOS and Android


    The RealNex App is in the Apple store and Google Play store!  Make sure you are ready to begin using it by following the simple steps outlined below.

    *If all of your users already have access to the online CRM, then no further action is necessary, and when the App launches, you'll be able to install it and use it right away.

    *If you are a cloud-only CRM user, you may also want to take a look at these helpful guides on synchronizing your Microsoft Office 365 account or your Google (Gmail) account.

    If neither one of these circumstances applies to you, here are the two steps you will need to take to be able to use the RealNex CRM App.


    1. Assign Users to your Subscription

    *If you are the only user of your RealNex subscription, you can skip ahead to the next step by clicking here.

    The first thing to make sure of is that you and all members of your team are able to login to RealNex, and that each of them has access to the subscription. The administrator of the account can do this by following these steps:

    First, log in to your account at

    Once logged in, click your name at the top right and click My Subscription

    The page that appears will list any subscriptions that are tied to your account.

    To modify the users for a subscription, click on the Settings Button  for that subscription.  You'll be taken to the Plan Administration page for that subscription, where you can add and modify users or the number of active users:

    To Add a New User, click the Assign Users button. You'll be greeted with the following window:

    Enter the user's Email Address, Name, and Mobile Number (optional) and click Save. The system will send an email to that user, letting them know they were added to the subscription.

    If the user already had a RealNex account, they can utilize the subscription by logging in. 

    If the user has not ever created a RealNex account, the email will prompt them to create one. Alternatively, they can create an account by visiting and clicking Login at the top. They will be prompted to enter their email address. Once they have entered that, and hit the submit button, they will be prompted to enter a few basic contact details, as well as to create a password for their RealNex account.

    Once the user signs in, they will be able to use any RealNex products that the subscription assigned to them allows.


    2. Synchronizing your Desktop Database with the Cloud (Hybrid Users Only) 

    The RealNex Livesync tool is an application that runs in the background on either the Server computer for multiple-user CRM Databases, or on the user's PC for single-user CRM Databases.

    After the Database has been created, if you selected the option to run the Livesync tool after the Create Database Wizard has completed, it will open automatically. If you ever need to open this tool again, click the Windows button and type 'livesync' to find and right-click on the RealNex Livesync Agent and select "Run as Administrator"

    This application runs in the System Tray in Windows and by default will automatically run when you start up Windows. If you need to access the Livesync tool, click the up arrow in your system tray to expand the icons, and then double-click on the blue CRM Live icon to open it.

    The first time you run the Livesync Agent, you will be asked to provide a Database Name. This is only for internal tracking purposes. Most clients use their company, team, or personal name here.

    The Livesync tool will now run and upload your database to the cloud. After the initial synchronization process has completed, you will be able to view this information online at by clicking on Core > CRM after signing in.

    This tool will continue to run in the background, checking for changes to both the online and desktop databases, and keep the two of them in sync.

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