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    RealNex CRM Installation Requirements


    Below are the minimum requirements for installation of the RealNex (REA) CRM


    General Requirements - 

    • If you are installing on a Mac, you will need to install a Windows emulator (Boot Camp or Parallels) running Windows 7 or newer before installing the RealNex CRM.  You will also need to install Office for Windows (32 bit version) in order to sync with Outlook.
    • You will need local admin rights in order to complete the installation.
    • If you want to sync your RealNex CRM with Outlook, you will need to be running Office 32 bit (64 bit not supported).
    • Please make sure that port is open.  If it is not open, the sync will not be able to function properly.


    Operating System

    • Windows 7 or higher with IE 10 or higher


    Space Requirements for SQL  

    • SQL 2008 – 10 GB of free space
    • SQL 2012 – 15 GB of free space
    • SQL 2014 – 20 GB of free space


    Installation Files and Instructions -  

    View this article for a download link and complete installation instructions.

    If you need to set up a workstation instance on additional machines, this article will walk you through that process.

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